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Gregory Thijsse - Guitars / Vocals / Harmonica / Lyrics Gregory Thijsse


He makes kite-boarding seem effortless; in fact, he makes most sports seem effortless. Greg is a passionate person, and has successfully featured internationally as a kite-boarder, and locally is renowned for much more.

His passion for life has driven him to make the best of every opportunity, and when he decided to form a band with long time friend Dominic de Jesus, he knew it would be a worthwhile challenge.

Greg’s love for music and performance provides a strong central figure for a freshly innovative group. He delivers strong vocals, and ensnares the audience as he tells them stories of love and hope amidst the motions of modern life. He enjoys writing, and along with Dom, produces fine ideas for the story telling of the music.

Gregory    /   Dominic

Dominic De Jesus - Drums / Yiridaki / Lyrics / Percussion Drums Dominic de Jesus

Percussion Drums

Dom smiles a lot, and its tough not to smile with him. He has an easygoing approach to life, and love for all things ethnic. Having started out musically with the Yiridaki, or didgeridoo, as well as the deeply spiritual djembe drum, Dom soon moved on to traditional drumming.

His beats are simple and to the point, offering the listener an ease of rhythm. He fills the bands resonance with deep, powerful vibrations, taking the audience on a journey through the earthier melodies of forgotten times. Dom’s love of poetry lends to the enticing lyrics, which are sung by Greg and stem from Dom's creative writing. Together Dom and Greg mesh together thoughts on life, love and whatever else comes to mind.

He loves nature, and whilst studying nature conservation he also co-owns a recycling company that takes a fresh look at waste management. His dedication and hard work, to not only his company but also the band, shows Doms commitment to the things he loves most. Such passion could never go unrewarded

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Summer Shade - World Among The Clouds

Summer Shade
World Among The Clouds

Summer Shade

Summer Shade

The bands first album was released 1st August 2009. With their already eclectic sound, the band has taken the time and effort to record a truly outstanding album. To request a copy of the album or to listen to the music visit or

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Summer Shade pre-release

Summer Shade
Pre Release

(Released December 2008)


**Upcoming Shows**

1 July 2011 With Holiday Murray @ Dizzy's Capms Bay (41 The Drive) 20:00. R30

15 July 2011 with Graeme Watkins Project @ The Mexican J Bay (16 Da Gama Rd) 20:00

17 July J Bay Music Festival



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Cabrinha shop 53a Eden On The Bay Shopping Centre,
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Big Bay,
Cape Town


click here to watch walking to the daisies 2009

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